Welcome to the deep and wide biblical teaching which Dr. John F. Walvoord offers to the generations which survive him.

Dr. Walvoord, one of evangelicalism’s most prominent 20th century leaders, was a man of remarkable depth and breadth. Though best known for his encyclopedic grasp of Bible prophecy, he was also a man who understood and taught the core of Christian theology with unusual clarity and conviction.

His first book, published in 1943, was The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ Our Lord, published a quarter of a century later, in 1969, is described by a recent online reviewer as “a great introduction to Christology,” and provides depth and breadth seldom found in other books which attempt to capture the complex profundity of Jesus. His dozens of works on prophetic themes all point to the one Dr. Walvoord loved from the depth of his being: Jesus Christ, his Lord.

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This site will continue to grow as more of the tens of thousands of pages penned by Dr. Walvoord in his more than 60 years of teaching, writing, and preaching come to life digitally.