Every Prophecy About Jesus

This comprehensive look at hundreds of prophecies about Jesus in the Old and New Testament will give readers hope and a greater sense of purpose.

End Times Prophecy

An excellent reference guide for those seeking answers, this comprehensive book reassures readers that they can trust God’s master plan and that the Bible is an accurate source of hope for all Christians.

What the Bible Says about Your Future

Everyone is curious about what happens after death. This exploration of what the Bible says about eternity offers insight, hope, and clarity for every Christian.

Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation

Perhaps no Old Testament book is as far-reaching in envisioning historical events as the Book of Daniel. This classic of premillennial prophetic research explores the full sweep of Daniel's prophecies in the light of theological reflection and archaeological evidence. Ideally suited for teachers and preachers, it casts an attentive eye upon past and future fulfillment.


Trumpets. Seals. Vials. Plagues. Woes. Horsemen. The Book of Revelation confuses so many Bible readers that some of them just ignore it. Avoiding technical language, this newly revised ESV-based commentary clearly explains the perplexing text of John's visions, without being sensational. Walvoord defends the premillennial position, but considers other views as well.

Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come

A revised edition is coming soon.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an extensive treatment of the entire doctrine of pneumatology, using some 1500 Scripture citations, and is designed for theological students and pastors as well as for laypeople desiring to get a complete presentation of the third person of the Trinity who indwells all Christians.

The Holy Spirit At Work Today

This study of the work of the Spirit in the church and the world today is an attempt to summarize the work of the Holy Spirit in the peculiar context of our modern world, to state biblical teaching rather than to survey modern literature, and to correct misunderstandings and misguided emphases in the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

What We Believe: Understanding and Applying the Basics of the Christian Life

In the introduction the author writes "The Bible answers all the important questions concerning this life and the life to come." Beginning with this simple premise, he explores what that means as he uncovers truths of the Bible in this introductory study of biblical doctrine.

The Thessalonian Epistles

The great doctrines of salvation by grace, divine election, principles of effective Christian testimony, the coming of the Lord, divine judgment, and the joy and peace of fellowship with Christ are all dominant themes in these epistles. Walvoord writes on these doctrines with the ordinary reader in mind, yet, at the same time, gives adequate treatment to the major problems that arise.

Philippians: Triumph in Christ

This exposition of one of Paul's most practical epistles is an outgrowth of Walvoord's Bible conference ministry. It is written for general reading by laymen as well as ministers of the gospel.

Jesus Christ Our Lord

Beginning with the Old Testament Dr. Walvoord shows Christ in history, typology and prophecy. Then, in the New Testament, he examines the life and work of the incarnate Christ. The theories of atonement, redemption, propitiation and reconciliation are thoroughly and clearly examined. The book concludes with the present and future work of Christ thus giving the reader a complete study of Christology.

Every Prophecy of the Bible

Gain a clearer vision of what the future holds from one of today's premier Bible prophecy scholars! Discussing the importance of prophecy and offering guidelines for interpreting it, Walvoord explains in one volume all key predictions from Genesis to Revelation---those fulfilled, as well as those yet to be accomplished. 688 pages, softcover from Cook. (Previous title: The Prophecy Knowledge Handbook)

Armageddon, Oil and Terror

Is the global stage being set for Armageddon? Offering shocking predictions regarding the future of terrorism, oil-based economics, and nuclear war in the Middle East, this explosive examination considers 12 end-time prophecies that appear eerily close to fulfillment. Incorporating fresh material from Walvoord's post- 9/11 lectures and discussions, it outlines disturbing possibilities for world events.

Major Bible Prophecies

This book selects 37 of the most important prophecies and gives easily understandable explanations in light of what is happening today.

End Times

Looking around at all the chaos and confusion of modern life, people today are wondering if we have not already entered the end times God predicted. In response, Dr. Walvood offers practical and logical answers for today from God's Word, drawing upon prophetic passages and outlining for us the major events of end times teachings. His writing style is clear, straightforward, and easily understood.

The Return of the Lord

The converging trend of fulfilled prophecy make it obvious to conclude that we may expect the Lord momentarily. While the absence of some of these factors was not of sufficient importance to dim the hope of saints in centuries past for the imminent return of the Lord, the presence of these significant omens should surely strengthen our hope. The preparation for the final drama is being, carried on before our eyes.

The Millennial Kingdom

A comprehensive Biblical and historical treatment of the doctrine of the millennium covering postmillennialism, amillennialism, and premillennialism in the context of their history, their theology, and their Biblical interpretation.

The Final Drama

By succinctly outlining the major issues in prophetic studies, this work serves as a basic reference tool for Christian readers to use in exploring the greater depths of biblical prophecy

The Nations in Prophecy

This book covers prophecies from creation to the consummation in the eternal state as it relates to the Gentiles

Israel in Prophecy

A key to understanding prophecy is to realize the part that Israel plays in the prophetic picture. Logically and scripturally, Dr. Walvoord covers the major prophecies relating to Israel as a nation based upon the unconditional fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant.

The Church in Prophecy

What part will the church play in the End Times? Has it replaced the nation of Israel in God's plan? Are Old Testament prophecies fulfilled spiritually in the church? This book answers such questions.

The Blessed Hope and Tribulation

Eschatology is a crucial theological issue in our day. The rapture question has particular importance in premillennial eschatology. This volume confronts that question: Does the rapture of the church precede or follow the Great Tribulation?

Blessed hope: The Autobiography of John F. Walvoord

Today's church owes a great debt to this man. Anyone who emphasizes the imminent coming of Christ, as has Dr. Walvoord, has helped to fire the spirit of holiness, evangelism, and missionary vision in the hearts of pastors and believers. Dr. Walvoord has done for the present-generation church what John Nelson Darby did in the nineteenth century—he has kept the torch of prophetic expectation alive and well in the hearts of missions. (Tim LaHaye)