The Thessalonian epistles as the first of the Pauline letters have a special place of their own in the New Testament. In many ways, they constitute an introduction to Christian doctrine. Each chapter is alive with vibrant truth especially pertinent to young believers. The great doctrines of salvation by grace, divine election, principles of effective Christian testimony, the coming of the Lord, divine judgment, and the joy and peace of fellowship with Christ are dominant themes. The epistles are at once doctrinal and practical, suited both to the demands of the mind and of the heart.

The exposition of First Thessalonians was published in The Moody Monthly in six installments, beginning in October 1954. Many requests received from readers encouraged the author to present the exposition of both epistles in this volume. Grateful acknowledgment is made of the kind permission of The Moody Monthly to reprint the material with some revision. The exposition of Second Thessalonians appears in print here for the first time.

An attempt has been made in this volume to bring out in a practical way the great truths contained in both letters. The presentation has the ordinary reader in mind. While technicalities have been avoided, advanced students of the Word will find, however, that the major problems of the epistles have been given adequate treatment. It is hoped that the publication of this volume will do something to correct the current neglect of the Thessalonian epistles, perhaps caused by the difficult problems arising in a popular exposition. It is the author’s desire that this unfolding of divine revelation as contained in the Thessalonian epistles will prove a blessing to earnest students of the Word and will encourage further study of these messages to the young Thessalonian Christians.